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Emanuela Ivanova excels in a traditional dressage tournament

The “Mihaleva for Hope” Foundation supports young and talented athletes competing in various disciplines. One of these talents is the equestrian athlete Emanuela Ivanova, who showcased exceptional skills and results in a prestigious tournament.

On May 18-19, 2024, the 7th traditional dressage tournament in memory of Emil Bogdanov was held at the “Han Asparuh” Equestrian Base in Sofia. This year, the prestigious event was combined with the qualification for the State Championship, organized with the support of the Bulgarian Equestrian Federation (BEF). The young athlete Emanuela Ivanova once again achieved remarkable results in this tournament.

On the first day of the competition, in the “Dressage” category, Emanuela won third place with her horse Silver Boy. On the second day of the competition, in the team event, she managed to secure second place with Silver Boy and third place with Rob Roy.

The equestrian athlete continues to impress with her talent and perseverance, leading to numerous successes in equestrian sports. Her achievements in this prestigious tournament are a testament to her potential and promise many future triumphs.

You can read more about Emanuela here.

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