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For Emanuela!

Driven by the desire to encourage talented young people to develop their potential, the Foundation proudly stands behind the incredible sporting talent of Emanuela Ivanova.
Emanuela is 12 years old and a professional equestrian competitor. The love for horses was born at an early age, and later it became more than a hobby.
She competes for “Eclipse” Equestrian Club, at “Khan Asparuh” horse base, in dressage style, where she actively trains and prepares. Success came quickly and in May 2023 he participated and won Second Place in the Sixth Equestrian Tournament in memory of Emil Bogdanov and First Place in the first qualifying competition – Balkan Dressage League.
She skillfully combines riding with learning the German language in the Schiller association. When she’s not training, she likes to paint horses.
The Mihaleva for Hope Foundation will support Emanuela in her competitive career and future sports development.

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