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Valeria with more great successes in judo!

The young judoka Valeria Ivanova, whom we introduced to you not long ago, never ceases to impress us with her sporting successes, which she achieves with ease.

The month of September turned out to be quite busy for Valeria. She took part in the annual “Ekiden” marathon in the capital, held on September 6th, where she was awarded a medal and certificate. Between 12.09 and 18.09.2023 she actively trained and prepared together with her teammates from SKDS “Lokomotiv Sofia” at the sports camp held in Kranevo.

The month also brought our young judo hopeful a third place at the “Nikola Petrushev” judo tournament held on September 25th in the “Olympiada” hall, Plovdiv. The city under the hills continued to bring luck to Valeria, who at the cost of a lot of effort won the prestigious first place in the international judo tournament “Todor Darakev” just weeks after her last professional competition.

We learned from Valeria personally that she is hard at work preparing for her next sports appearances in Stara Zagora and Sofia, which we will follow with interest.

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