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Zhelio Todorov – one of the most promising pianists in Bulgaria

Zhelio Todorov was born in 2006 and is currently a student at the National School of Arts in Varna. He started playing piano in 2012 under the guidance of Stanislava Stavreva and later mastered his skills with the help of Boyan Bachvarov. At the moment, the young pianist continues to practice with the pedagogue Alexander Konstantinov.

His hard work and hours of practice paid off, and in 2016, he won first prize in the 23rd National Competition “Varban Varbanov” for performing a Bulgarian composition. Despite his young age, Zhelio has achieved numerous accomplishments and has been awarded prestigious prizes from Bulgarian and international competitions. In the last few years, he participated in the Varna and Shumen Philharmonic concerts. In 2023, he was invited to perform in a concert marathon in the “Bulgaria” hall, dedicated to National Liberation Day. 

Bulgarian virtuoso pianists have also noticed Zhelio’s technical sophistication and talent. The young musician managed to win a personal meeting with the maestro Yordan Kamdjalov and an invitation to participate in “Academia Musica” – a prestigious music forum that will be held in the academic year 2023-2024. He will also participate in the master class of the great Bulgarian pianist – Ivan Donchev. 

This year has proven exceptionally successful for our rising musical talent, and we take pride in the fact that, together with the “Dokova and Dokov for Future” foundation, we have supported his growth. Оur joint efforts helped Zhelio achieve one of his dreams, as he received maybe the most famous concert pianos, the “C. Bechstein”. This musical instrument is handcrafted in Germany using wood aged for at least 45 days. The professional piano is a genuine work of art already in a young talent’s hands.

With our support for Zhelio Todorov, we reaffirm our belief that young talents should be encouraged and motivated to unlock their full potential, and we hope that the Bulgarian pianist will continue to conquer new musical heights.

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