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6th place in the world and a bronze medal for Emona

Bulgarian para-badminton athlete, Emona Ivanova, continues to achieve excellent results in international competitions. With our support, she participated in a prestigious tournament in Vitoria, Spain, where she once again demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication to the sport.

The highly contested competition occurred in mid-April, with participants from 30 countries. Despite the tough competition, Emona showed excellent form and returned with a bronze medal in the women’s singles discipline. During the tournament, she managed to defeat the number 9-ranked player in the world, a success that helped her climb to 6th place in the world rankings.

We are delighted that Emona continues to unleash her potential and achieve new successes. She is an example and inspiration to many people facing adversity, showing that everyone should strive for their goals. We will follow her development with interest and believe that her greatest achievements are yet to come.

We remind you that she also received a prestigious invitation to participate in the Olympic torch relay, which you can read about here.

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